Top Reason Why People Get Cosmetic Surgery

Coping With Life Changes

Lots of things in life come our way that we don't expect some are positive, and some are negative. We may be dealing with a major lifestyle change, such as divorce or the death of a spouse. We may be about to get married. These and many other types of lifestyle changes prompt people to consider cosmetic surgery as a positive and restorative choice. There are as many stories as people, and we may have a story of our own that motivates us at some point in our life to think about cosmetic surgery.

Your Body After Childbirth

We may identify with the young mothers who come to plastic surgeons complaining about the changes in their breasts and tummies. Childbearing takes its toll, and exercise and dieting can only do so much. Today's fashions emphasize breasts and tummies, and if the breasts are saggy and our tummy skin is wrinkled, then we may want to do something about it.

Extra Fat and Excess Skin

Although we may exercise and eat right, but no matter what we do, we can't get rid of pockets of excess fat or excess skin. This is where cosmetic surgery really shines. Both male and female patients come to plastic surgeons with these issues. If the issue is localized fat deposits, liposuction can be very helpful. If concerned about excess skin, common procedures for women are breast and tummy surgery. Women and an increasing number of men are seeking eyelid and facial/neck surgery to remove excess skin and to give them a fresher, younger look.

Dealing With Excess Skin After Losing Weight

More and more people are having gastric bypass surgery or losing massive amounts of weight. If we lose 75 to 100 pounds or more, we may well be able to hide the excess skin under some clothes, but we'll probably never be happy until the unwanted skin is removed. Sometimes losing as little as 10 or 20 pounds can cause severe skin excess in the breasts or abdomen. Exercise almost never helps shrink the skin following large weight loss. And the more weight you lose, the greater the excess skin problem.

Restoration of Attraction and Sexiness

We may be dealing with changes in our body that affect our feelings about ourselves and find that these feelings carry into our sex life. We're less will­ing to be seen or touched. Our enjoyment of intimacy is reduced, and we don't like feeling that way. Any number of issues can stimulate these feelings, but certain cosmetic procedures, including breast surgery, body contouring procedures, and facial procedures, may help restore our self image and our enjoyment of sex. Patients who have cosmetic surgery for this reason often say, "I'm so happy with how I feel about myself, and now the romance is back in our relationship."

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