After Having Surgery to Replace Hair - How to Handle the Aftermath Stage

With the many and wonderful results being experienced by those with the boldness and money to go for surgical hair replacement, many other people nowadays are increasingly opting for the procedure, even those that have to borrow the money for it! But do you know exactly what the entire procedure will take and cost and what the aftermath will be? If not, this article provides some helpful guide.

If you are thinking of how soon you will resume activities or your normal routine after the surgery, it will depend on certain factors such as - the complexity or not of the procedure, the length, the kind of surgery you had, etc.

Many people are lucky enough to be able to resume their normal routines and even get back to work after several days. But even then, it's usually not recommended that they engage in strenuous activities during this time.

One thing you should look out for after the hair replacement surgery is that the newly transplanted hair normally falls out after about six or more weeks. Don't let it frighten you because it's perfectly normal and temporary. When the hair falls out, it normally resumes with the growth after about five or more weeks. After then, the growth becomes normal.

Knowing about these before commencing with the surgery is a good idea as it prepares you for what to expect so that you know how best to handle the situation. Many people freak out when they lose hair after the surgery, but this is absolutely normal and only temporary.

Also, you should expect to continue seeing your doctor several times after the surgery; sometimes lots of times in the first month after the surgery. During these "follow-up" visits, ensure to strictly follow the doctor's advice, as failure to do so can be fatal.

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