If You Got Cosmetic Surgery - What Would You Change?

This is a question we all think about from time to time, but most of us don't know all that cosmetic surgery can do. The options are pretty much limitless; these days, a skilled doctor can contour your body any way you like. Read on, and picture what plastic surgery could do for you!

Liposuction - We can all stand to lose a few pounds, but most of us aren't too keen on hopping on treadmills. New techniques in liposuction use fluid injections to help the fat come out more easily. They can also remove fat from certain areas of the body, thus giving you total control over shaping your body.

Breast Augmentation - Breast enhancement has quickly become one of the most popular surgeries in America, and it's not all women getting supermodel busts. For the most part, it's women getting a tiny bit added on to give them a fuller figure. New implant technologies allow the surgeon to use fatty tissue from your body, so you get an implant that feels natural and doesn't introduce a foreign object.

Tummy Tuck - Reducing belly size is a major concern for women and men. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, works on this trouble spot where exercise and proper eating don't seem to make a dent.

Facelift - We're not talking about a dramatic facial overhaul here; facelifts these days can be used to raise the eyebrow a touch, reduce saggy cheeks or accentuate key facial features. Most folks go in for a nip and a tuck here, and their minor facelift surgery is barely noticeable.

Nose Job - Few people look in the mirror each day and say that they're 100% happy with the shape of their nose. Modern techniques in rhinoplasty can reshape the nose, reduce the size and even do internal work to make breathing easier. This plastic surgery procedure is gaining popularity among folks who want to LOVE what they see in the mirror each day.

Blepharoplasty - This is also known as the "eyelid lift." A lot can be done with your looks by adjusting the area around the eyes. For many people, eyelid surgery comes in handy later in life, when puffiness and sagginess makes them look much older than their years. It can also be used to improve vision.

There's good news! You can turn fantasy into reality. Not only has the science of plastic surgery come a long way in recent years, the price has also come down. It's not so unusual these days for the housewife next door or friend at the office to tell you about the plastic surgery work they've had done.

If you want a trained surgeon to show you what can really be done with your body, they've got computer imaging so you don't have to fantasize any more. Get a free consultation, and your local surgeon can turn your dreams into reality.

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