Cosmetic Surgery - The Dangers of Going Abroad

Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever. For a whole range of different reasons, people are taking active steps to change their bodies. In almost all cases, cosmetic surgery needs to be paid for out of your own pocket - and it's not cheap.

The cost of having this type of surgery, whether it is surgery on your breasts, face or elsewhere on your body, puts a lot of people off. For those who are put off by the prices in the UK, the reduced prices of having surgery done abroad often present an attractive solution.

The downsides

With cheap flights going all over Europe, it works out far cheaper for some people to go and have their cosmetic surgery abroad. Though most of the companies are legitimate and professional, there are clearly a few who aren't up to the job. Increasingly British people, women in particular, are coming back from having their operation abroad and having to go to a UK cosmetic surgeon to correct the mistakes.

The most common criticism of surgery abroad is the level of after care that patients receive. With most reputable UK cosmetic surgeons you will receive consultations and enough after care to ensure that your operation has been a full success. In many cases, patients were getting onto flights back to the UK without a single consultation with their surgeon.

Clearly it is unfair to generalise or speculate about all companies offering cosmetic surgery abroad. It is however important that if you are considering getting some cosmetic surgery done that you understand the different standards that countries seem to operate under. In many countries you might receive a service which is equal to any in the UK. In some however, you may be very disappointed. Specific countries that have a poor reputation for cosmetic surgery include Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and Croatia. The best way to protect yourself is to make sure you do your research before you book your treatment.

Legal implications of cosmetic surgery abroad

One reason that surgery abroad should be treated very cautiously is the position it puts you in should something go wrong. If you have an operation in the UK and something does go wrong due to the negligence of your surgeon, you are entitled to make a legal claim against them. If you have your operation abroad and something goes wrong, getting a result in court can be very difficult, if not impossible. In this situation you would not only lose the money you paid to have the operation, but also have to either live with the consequences or pay to get them fixed yourself.

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