Having Surgery - 7 Things You Don't Want to Take to the Hospital When You Go in For Surgery

There are some things that you are required to take to the hospital when you are having surgery, such as a photo id and your usual medications. And there are some things, such as your favorite books that you must have to make your stay while recovering after surgery a little more comfortable, and that's okay. There are some things, however, that you should never take to the hospital even if you think you can't live without them. After all... you are going to the hospital, and I promise; your doctors and nurses will not let you die from email deprivation.

Here is at list of some important "don't bring items" and why you should not take them with you to the hospital.

1. Food and Drink

Chances are good that you will be on some doctor-ordered diet for a few days after surgery. And all of your food will come from the hospital cafeteria. It's not exactly savory, but you have to eat that and that alone. Don't bother with gathering up and keeping up with your favorite foods and drinks in the hospital. Besides, you won't have a refrigerator, microwave, or can opener in your recovery room anyway.

2. Clothing

When you feel sick at home it always helps to put on your comfy flannel pajamas, wrap up in your silk robe, and walk around in your fuzzy slippers. And you know that at the hospital you will be wearing a flimsy gown that is too big and flashes your rear when you walk. You may be tempted to pack your go-to lounging around garb. But, in the hospital, you risk losing or even ruining those coveted comfort clothes. Leave them at home and look forward to wearing them when you get back.

3. Nice Linens

Let's face it, hospitals do not exactly brag about their high-thread count sheets or plush pillows. And unless the sheets on your bed are 500-thread count and the pillow under your head is made of memory foam, you just don't sleep well. You think that you would get more and better rest if you just take in some of your own linens. But don't do it. Like clothing, linens are likely to get lost or ruined while you are recovering in the hospital. If you absolutely cannot fall asleep on the hospital linens, the nurse will give you a pill for that.

4. Scented Candles or Air Freshener

Aromatherapy is effective at easing you into the right mood and frame of mind to accelerate healing. The flickering flames of candles alone can create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. And, anything would improve the sanitary yet unsettling smell of hospital rooms. However, lighting candles and fogging the room with Febreeze is not a good idea for two reasons. For one, the aroma that pleases one person may sicken another. You don't want to occupy that room that other patrons of the hospital smell from down the hall. For two, certain products that alter the air may cause complications for other recovering patients, especially ones with conditions such as asthma. You don't want to be the one responsible for contaminating their air.

5. Jewelry

Jewelry should never be taken to the hospital, and this includes your wedding set. Before surgery, you will be required to take it off, all of it. This is the time when jewelry can get lost or even stolen. If you don't believe it, read the newspaper. It's sad, but all to often jewelry gets stolen while in the hospital. Furthermore, when you are lying in a hospital bed, you do not need to nor are you expected to wear jewelry. Just save yourself the hassle of taking it off and trusting a friend to keep up with it and prevent the risk of losing it. Leave all of your jewelry at home, safe and sound.

6. Credit Cards or Cash

There is not one thing that you need to buy in the hospital. Your food, room, and maid services are included in that huge bill that they send you. Like jewelry, cash and cards are easily stolen or lost in the hospital. You don't want to leave the hospital with less cash or a stolen identity. Leave the pocketbook or wallet at home.

7. Work-Related Items

Cell phones, laptops, briefcases, and anything else related to work should be left at, well, work. At the hospital, focus on recovery. You can focus on your work at work. Stressing over work will only interfere with your rest and serenity and hinder your healing. Save the work for when you are back in tip-top shape and can really concentrate on getting those reports finished. Beleive it or not, if they are really that important, let someone else from the office do it.

So... try to leave the above items at home when you have to stay in the hospital. You really won't miss them while recuperating after your surgery, and they will be waiting for you just the same as you left them when you get home.

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