Cosmetic Facial Surgery - 9 Types of Cosmetic Surgery to Consider

The decision to have cosmetic facial surgery should be discussed in-depth with your surgeon before you make the decision to have any procedure performed. Sometimes the surgery will be for reconstruction purposes and other times it will be for appearances only. The cost of cosmetic surgery will vary between surgeons.

Let's look at the types of surgery that can be performed as part of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

#1. Cheek Implants
#2. Brow Lifts
#3. Eyelid Surgery
#4. Chin Augmentation
#5. Face Lift
#6. Neck Lift
#7. Facial Liposuction
#8. Nose Contouring
#9. Spider Veins

Face lifts are probably the most well known. People that depend on their looks to make a living are often what we think of when hearing the words face lift. This cosmetic facial surgery lifts sagging skin in the mid face region, helps reduce jowls in the lower face and removes excess skin under the chin and jaw areas. This procedure helps to reduce the signs of aging, and improve contours and the tone of the facial skin.

Raising the eyebrows can do more than make a person look younger. If the brows are sagging excessively it may have started to hood the upper eyelid. This can cause a problem with a person's ability to see properly. While it will give a youthful look to the face after this cosmetic surgery is done, the primary reason may be to see well. Creases in the forehead or between the eyes will also see some improvement with a brow lift and reduce frown lines.

A less invasive cosmetic facial surgery technique would be facial liposuction. This procedure removes extra fatty tissue, not just in the face but in the chin area as well. It can help to tighten the skin in the areas that it is used on. Surgeons could use just this technique or it can be done as part of a face lift or other surgical procedures. Heredity, obesity and aging are the common factors to have this cosmetic facial surgery done. It will help to alleviate the appearance of a double chin or heavy jowls. Any of the cosmetic facial surgeries should be thoroughly discussed with a surgeon so the results and risk factors are known.

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