Who Needs Cosmetic Surgery?

There is this misleading notion that cosmetic surgery is just used to improve a person's appearance. Perhaps a better definition of cosmetic surgery is physical alteration of how a person currently appears. I say this because there are instances where the result is not actually a better one than the previous one.

Cosmetic surgery has both positive and negative effect. On the positive side, it can restore the self esteem of a person whose physical appearance may have been destroyed because of an accident. Minor revisions to the face are fine with the purpose of improving one's physical appearance. One concern is that cosmetic surgery is being misused to the point of making almost a new person after several surgeries. Sometimes, it becomes an avenue for opportunistic surgeons who are focusing on the cost of the surgery rather than the sake of the patient. Another concern is the fact that not every surgeries result to something better. There are some surgeries where there were some irreversible errors conducted along the process. The face is ruined and cannot be restored and the other bitter part is that the fees and costs spent cannot likewise be restored.

Before going through a surgery to improve your looks, read first on the failed results. Review the pictures. Consider that there is a chance that this may happen to you too. If it will not be, you are lucky. What if you become part of the statistics of procedures that went wrong?

Who needs cosmetic surgery? I believe that it is needed by those people who are not totally contented of what they already have and wanted more. Celebrities for example are already very pretty but because they wanted to become prettier, they go through cosmetic procedures. It is related to one's self esteem or one's aesthetic aspirations. There is nothing wrong about improving oneself. But someone should proceed with much caution.

If you have the resources and you have an access to the best cosmetic surgeons, which part of your body would you decide to change?

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