Rhinoplasty and Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Rhinoplasty is a very popular plastic surgery procedure that helps reshape the nose for a more appealing look. Some procedures are designed to correct a genetic abnormality or to address specific health problems. Most, however, fall under the category of cosmetic surgery. People who feel uncomfortable with the shape of their nose will elect to have this procedure to create a new look.

There are a great many people who run the risk of body dismorphic disorder when it comes to rhinoplasty procedures. This disorder is categorized by symptoms of obsession with elective alteration of the body. While most people are looking to improve the shape of their nose, people with this disorder are looking to find perfection. Although it is common for some people to require to surgeries to get the results they are looking for, some men and women insist on more and more surgeries to achieve the perfect nose for their face.

Most plastic surgeons will interview their prospective patients to see if they display symptoms of this disorder. All prospective patients are asked a series of questions and their goals are discussed in depth. Surgeons often do discuss realistic results to help people prepare in making a decision. Most computer technology can give an accurate and realistic depiction of what your new nose will look like after rhinoplasty. In some cases, even patients who are looking to have their first surgery will be turned down if they have unrealistic aesthetic goals or they display a sense of immaturity when it comes to decision making.

Not all people with body dismorphic disorder are this easy to recognize. Other people start to display signs of this disorder during or after the recovery period. They may feel that their surgery did not achieve their goals. In discussions with their doctor they will insist on revision rhinoplasty surgery. They will get very upset that their goals were not perfectly reached. If their original doctor chooses to turn them down for revision surgery, they will seek out another. Unless you come to a doctor with legitimate reasons and concerns, revision surgery will not be an option for you.

Although body dismorphic disorder can happen with any procedure or combination of procedures, none in more prevalent than rhinoplasty. If you're considering this procedure for yourself, think long and hard on why you want to change the shape of your nose and what your reasons for feeling this way are. Having real but realistic goals is the best attitude when it comes to qualifying for any plastic surgery procedure.

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